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Rehabilitation for Convicted Drinking Drivers (Second Offenders): Effects on Mortality

Robert E. Mann, Lise Anglin, Karl Wilkins, Evelyn R. Vingilis, Scott Macdonald, Wen-Jenn Sheu

The mortality experience of convicted drinking drivers (second offenders) (N = 347) randomly assigned to rehabilitation and control groups in two Ontario cities was examined. Over a follow-up period ranging between 8 and 13 years, 14 (11.0%) of the controls and 17 (7.7%) of the rehabilitation group died. Direct comparisons of the randomly assigned control and treatment groups revealed a tendency for lower total mortality and significantly lower mortality from accidental and violent death in those assigned to rehabilitation. Additional comparisons involving a combined rehabilitation group (N = 487) (rehabilitation participants randomly and not randomly assigned) confirmed these observations. (J. Stud. Alcohol 55: 372-374, 1994)