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Drinkers and Their Driving: Compliance with Drinking-Driving Legislation in Four Australian States

Wendy Loxley, Ross Homel, Dale Berger, John Snortum

This study replicates work in Norway and the United States in investigating the extent to which Australian drivers attempt to comply with drinking-driving legislation. In a four-state survey of 1,133 drinkers, it was found that people were aware of the need to control their alcohol input before driving, and derived estimates of blood alcohol after a recent away-from-home drinking occasion demonstrated that the amount people drank was influenced by whether or not they were driving. Drivers reported drinking less than nondrivers and were also those who usually consumed less alcohol. These findings were also true of people with different levels of normal consumption. Although these results are encouraging, it is suggested that there is need for further modification of sanctions, and that the community needs more information about the alcohol content of drinks and drink sizes if people are to moderate effectively their drinking before driving. (J. Stud. Alcohol 53: 420-426, 1992)